Mar 16 2010

Once again, the environment is all the rage

I started my independent documentary career in 1985 when I produced an environmental documentary for WTOG in Tampa called Bay Bottom Blues. I was promptly fired by the news director because I sent the documentary to the newspapers.  That was my first experience with mean bad guys in news departments.   The St. Petersburg Times and Tampa Tribune both wrote nice reviews of my film and I soon found myself being feted by snook fishermen and birders infatuated by mangrove cuckoos. Then I went on to work at other stations before finally going independent.  I remember trying to get others in the media interested in doing news stories about the environment, and I recall their disinterest.  I wondered what had happened to the environmental movement of the 1960s and 70s?  How had interest waned?  Was it just a fad?  I proceeded on my own path, producing in-depth looks at sea turtles and species’ diversification, beach erosion, manatees.  Following that there was once again a surge of environmental interest in our nation, but then once again it waned.

And now, after many more years of environmental degradation, it seems we are once again going green.  I’m contemplating jumping on board.  There must be a cause out there that needs some championing.  I’d be interested in any ideas out there for a green doc – before interest in saving the planet once again wanes.