Mar 19 2010

ZORA: First “cool” writer

Who was the coolest of the cool, long before it was cool?  In 1933 an unknown writer by the name of Zora Neale Hurston became the very first documented writer to use the world “cool” to imply hip-ness. 

In her short story The Gilded Six Bits written for Story Magazine (1933), the conversation between two poor but devoted lovers turns to the local town big-shot who not only has a mouth full of gold teeth but also money in the bank: “What make it so cool, he got money ‘cumulated.”  Then in 1934 in Jonah’s Gourd Vine, Zora keeps her “cool” going as she describes a man as not only a good guitar picker but also good looking (“What make it so cool, he de’ bes’ lookin’).  Then again in 1935, as scholar Robert Farris Thompson notes in my film JUMP AT THE SUN, a man flirting with his girlfriend dishes up some cool when he tells her he’ll be making her breakfast in the morning: “Whut make it so cool, ah’d fix you some, and set it on de back of de cook-stove so you could git it when yo’ wake up.”

As for that Beat Generation, it wasn’t until 1948 that “cool” was next found in a New Yorker magazine quote about jazz.


Nov 15 2009

Jump at the Sun

Bay Bottom News  produced Jump at the Sun, a documentary on the life of anthropologist and author Zora Neale Hurston, in conjunction with PBS’ American Masters series.

Bay Bottom News, has created many highly-acclaimed films for local, state, and national distribution. A long time resident of Tampa-St. Pete , Producer-Writer Kristy Andersen takes special interest in productions that concern Florida’s environment, history, and culture.

Please visit our Credits page for a list of other people whose work and talent infused the documentary, and for a list of the funders and co-producers for the film.


Mar 13 2009

Jump at the Sun: Credits

Zora Neale Hurston: Jump at the Sun

A Co-Production of Bay Bottom News and Thirteen/WNET’s PBS’ American Masters series

Underwritten by
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
National Endowment for the Humanities
National Endowment for the Arts
Ford Foundation
Southern Humanities Media Fund
Florida Division of Cultural Affairs
Maryland Humanities Council
National Black Programming Consortium
Humanities Council South Carolina
New York Council for the Humanities
Humanities Council of Washington DC
Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
Humanities Tennessee
Alabama Humanities Foundation
North Carolina Humanities Council

Produced & Written by
Kristy Andersen

Directed by
Sam Pollard

Marian Sears Hunter

This film could not have been possible without the help and support of the Zora Neale Hurston Trust

S. Epatha Merkerson

Zora Neale Hurston:
Kim Brockington

Mary Margaret McBride:
Marceline Hugot

Associate Producer:
Sharon La CruIse

Original Score:
Don Vappie

Online Editor:
David Dawkins

Sound Effects:
David Browning

Audio Mix:
Allan Guss

Production Manager: Booker T. Mattison
Camera: Matthew Clark
Sound: Ian Piggot, Mark Bovos
Set: Musa Design
Props: Paradox Designs
Makeup: Emma Therese
Wardrobe: Moira Shaughnassey
Best Boy/Electric: Matthew Craig
Best Boy/Grip: Matthew Hale
Gaffer: Michael McDonaugh
Script Supervisor: Susan Chiu
Studio: Paris Studios
Boom: Oliver James
Key Grip: Brian McKee
First Assistant Camera: Craig Pressgrove
Second Assistant Camera: Jason Brignola
Location Camera: Ryan Richmond
Catering: Sherron Hamilton

Voice of Victor:
Frank Robertson

Victor Recordist:
Danny Harmon

Production Assistants:
Aaron Blanda, Andre Sutherland, Daniel Lir, Dror Amado, Michael Jackson, Stacy Holman, Tami Sylvester, Tamir Muhamad

Camera: Eric Jones
Sound: Aaron Shedlock
Production Assistants: Walter Niles & Monica Sly
Dramatic Coach: Bob Devin Jones
City of Eatonville:James Tokley, Margaret Cyrise, Neville Mitchel, James Washington, Adria Tucker-Johnson, James West, Glenda Haussey

Mitt Rordan, Robert Most, Margaret Cyrise, Mike Clark

Kristy Andersen, Sam Pollard,Stephen Stept, Denise Green, Julie Dash
Bobby Shepard, Ronald Gray, Thomas Burns, Eric Jones, Bill Mills, Brian Gurley
Assistant Camera:
Aurora Aguero, Bret Lanius, Sylvia Jackson, Marie Pedersen
Sekou Shepard, Peter Redding, Drew Ponder, Juan Rodriguez, JT Takagi, Andy Edelman, Jonathan Weaver, Peter Bettendorff, Jay Streat, Rob Whitehurst, Michael Barnitt & Bilagaana Recording Co.

Production Assistants:
Kathleen Donaghy, Roxanne Yamashiro, Lila Hicks, Caricia Belkhaus, Randy Harrison, Matt London, Elaine Beery, Mark Scufrari, Claudette Green

Narration Consultants:
Doc Jarden, Susan Edwards

Post Production:
Code 16 Radical Avid, Duart

Assistant Editors:
Aljernon Tunsil, Roxanne Yamashiro, Matt London, John Pierce, Danielle Whiteside

Steven Kutny, Victoria Nece, Elaine Simmons, Peter Haas, Daniel Spangler

Katy Mostoller/Polly Pettit, Anthony Hurley

Narrator Consultants:
Safia McClinton, Stephanie Berry

Production Services:
WEDU, LA Digital, Spectrum Productions, Bilagaana Recording Co., WestEnd Recording, Vaughn Communications, Cosmic Blender, Matlin Recording, Progressive Music & Media, Joey Abisso

DVD production:
Magno International, Chris Laskey, Joaquin Perez, Bison Disc, Shooting Stars

Film Processing:
Duart, Crawford Communications

Photo Processing:
Bob Bagget Photography

Drum Music SFX:
Myron Jackson

Cary Beth Cryor, Georgia de la Garza, Ann Boyd, Barbara Speisman, Kathleen Donaghy, Sarah Stevenson

Tape Transcription:
Heider Secretarial, Marian Luett, Lorna Wilson, Anders Scherberger, Lauri Hicks

Aisha Coley

Gersh Agency, Fifi Oscard Agency, Silvert Massetti & Szatmary

The Molecule, Charles Greacen Illustrations & Graphics

Web Design:
New Tricks, Missing Pixel

Pat Wolfe

David Lubell

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Fiscal Sponsors:
Image Film & Video, Florida Historical Society, Women Make Movies, Auburn Center for the Arts & Humanities, African-American Writers Guild

Sandra Christie, Frank Orser, Claudette Green, Anna Chairitakes, Victoria Sanders Literary Agency, Lois Gaston, Leonora Costanza, Tanya Wilkins, Between the Covers Books, Chapel Hill Rare Books, Michael Sharpe Rare & Antiquarian Books, Richard Neuman, Pam Webb, Tuskegee Library, Tom Scherberger, Florida State Fairgrounds, Cracker Country, Mark Terry

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Series Office Manager
Ben Beshaw

Series Production Coordinator
Nicole London, Elizabeth Kosakowska

Series Theme Music Composed by
Thomas Wagner

Series Title Designed by
B. T. Whitehill

Music Services
John Adams, Rosie Fishel

Series Production Manager
Jane Buckwalter

Business Affairs
Roberta Lynn Tross, Shari LaPayover

Series Publicist
Thirteen/WNET New York’s Communications Group

Supervising Producer
Julie Sacks

Series Producer
Prudence Glass

Executive Producer
Susan Lacy

This program was co-produced by Bay Bottom News and Thirteen/WNET’s American Masters which are solely responsible for its content.

A Production of Bay Bottom News and Thirteen/WNET New York’s American Masters

© Bay Bottom News 2008

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