Kristy Andersen of Bay Bottom News,

PBS’ International conference – the buzz: TV is dead!

Sound the alarms! PBS veteran producer Joel Geyer is video blogging from Budapest where PBS stations from around the world are having their annual meeting.   Yes, there are Public Broadcasting stations in almost every country, and from what Joel has to say, there are still plenty of staid historical documentaries in the loop.  Joel seems to be more tolerant of these than most of us.

Via video, Joel has passed along a few choice tidbits including:
– Viral networking is over-rated, Twitter is useless, Facebook has an older demographic;
– Canon MarkII 5D camera is taking over the industry (and for only $2300 at B&H);
– Programs made by filming bloggers are a new hot product (built-in audience);
– Real people telling real stories is still a cheap new way to produce programming:
– TV as we know it is dead!!! Okay, I know. They keep saying it but this time it really is dead. Surfing for content on computers is the new TV.


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