Kristy Andersen of Bay Bottom News,

This is a pitch trailer for development funds for a film about women in Pakistan who are using media to empower themselves. The trailer uses film footage supplied to us by our Pakistani co-filmmakers. Most of the footage did not have any audio, and took a camera POV that distanced itself from the subjects, almost as if it were a surveillance camera. But when we make the film, we want to delve into the personalities of the women we follow, using their comments and their actions as they open themselves up to the film-making and tell the story themselves. The pitch is narrated to help get across the issues, but the film itself will not take this strongly-narrated style. Rather it will be more verité style and will be character-driven by the women who are the focus of the film. We will use narration sparsely only as needed to strengthen the films’ storyline, to get across the issues that create this complex relationship between Pakistani women and men, and help relate this important story of a long pattern of abuse of women’s rights in Pakistan and of women using media as a way to turn the tide on their abusers.